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Color Therapy Baths

Color therapy is becoming a popular part of a holistic wellness program as people become more aware of it. One inexpensive and luxurious way to include color therapy in your life is to take a color bath. Simply add one of our colors to your bath water and relax. The color may be absorbed into your skin, in addition to being processed through your eyes as you look at the water, which may help bring about chakra balance. Read more about this at


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Color Therapy Baths

Color Therapy Glasses and Colored Essential Oils

Two other ways to incorporate color therapy into your life are by wearing color therapy glasses or using color aromatherapy essential oils.

Color therapy glasses allow you to conveniently and inexpensively experience the benefits of color by changing the light which enters through your eyes. And our high quality colored essential oils allow you to combine the benefits of color with those of aromatherapy.


Our Color Therapy Bath Products

Unfortunately, these color therapy bath products are no longer available for sale in the US.

Individual Color Therapy Bath Packet Set of Nine Color Therapy Bath Packets
Individual Color Therapy Bath Bottle Set of Nine Color Therapy Bath Bottles

There is much research still to be done about color therapy and its possible effects on our emotions and well being. Each color is said to have certain attributes and emotions associated with it. In addition, it is reported that there may be medical benefits to color therapy.

There is no need to be concerned about getting too much color therapy. Your body will absorb what it needs and no more, much like a bucket will only hold so much water. The rest will run out.

Read more about color therapy.

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